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Our last bee-friendly hive is born: we called it the “cob-cortiço”. Made of cork, cob and wood, this hive with thick breathable walls should strongly support the swarm to build up a strong and powerful core. We added a “symbiotic floor”, an extra box below the hive body, where a symbiotic relationship can be established with micro-organisms. The size of

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Video BACK IN TREES – Setting tree cavities for honey bees

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April 2020, Alentejo, Portugal. The first part of the video describes our experiment to make a hollow olive tree suitable for bees to live in. The holes of the tree are filled with several layers of cob. The recipe of the cob mixtures will be explained in another video coming very soon. And the second part of the video shows

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Many bee colonies living in managed hives are dying this year in our area. Interestingly, we recently discovered several powerful colonies living in trees. A calling to support the rewilding of the bees…

Collective Bee Meditation for the solstice

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Dear Bee lovers, The day of winter solstice is a privileged moment of the year to connect to the world from within. Wherever you are on that day, I invite you to join a synchronised collective meditation on the 21st of December 2018 at 19 h UTC (19h in Portugal, 20h in France, Switzerland and Germany). For those living in

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During our BeeShip in Alentejo (Portugal) this autumn, we forged our own hive tools. We observed that the bees often react aggressively to the energy of conventional hive tools, made out of steel. Copper based tools, forged with love, are much more bee-friendly. This video shows how we made them, under supervision of Gabriella, our “forge master”. Gabriella offers regular

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