BeeWisdom is weaving bridges between bees and humans in many different ways:

  • BeeShip: an intense immersion in BeeWorld and BeeTime in small group, lead by Sandira Belia. Spring BeeShip: 3.5 months, Autumn BeeShip: 6 weeks.
  • Workshop: a 2-day journey with the Bee in all its forms. The next workshop is scheduled on the 6th and 7th of June 2020 in Vale Bacias (Colos, Alentejo, Portugal): Living in the HummmViver no Hummm
  • BeeDay: open morning to meet amongst bee-explorers and to welcome those who are curious to get a glimpse on our work. The next BeeDay is scheduled on the 16th of May 2020 in Vale Bacias (Colos, Alentejo, Portugal): A Kiss from the BeesUm Beijo das Abelhas
  • Collective meditations: planetary meditations during which all the participants connect simultaneously with a similar intention. Free participation.