Areas of Research


-Hive building

Top Bar Hive assembling

The size, shape and opening systems of the beehives make a big difference in terms of comfort for the bees and interference while opening. Like humans, bee colonies have different personalities: some like to be in close contact with humans and some prefer to be remote. We are offering different types of hives that correspond to these affinities.

-Creating a bee-friendly environment

In Portugal and many other places in the world, the land and the bees are calling for healthy forests. We have been planting thousands of trees during the last winters. Land regeneration goes together with increasing diversity as well as nectar supplies for the bees. We are also listing all the bee-friendly plants that are adapted to the different soils and climates.

-Treatment free beekeeping

Bees cannot find their own strength to face diseases and parasites if we constantly maintain them under treatment, may it be chemical or natural. When we let them do, and trust their ability to adapt themselves to new situations, the weak genetic lines disappear and the ones who stay become stronger and healthier. New hygienic behaviours are selected and developed by morphic resonance. Diseases are not enemies to fight and eliminate but potential cooperation partners, stimulators of evolution.

-Low interference

Every time the hive is open, the inner atmosphere of the hive is modified, requiring work for the bees to rebuild it afterwards. We reduce hive opening to a minimum and when it is done, it is in close contact with the hive being(the spirit of the hive).

-Moon calendar

Moon and stars have strong effect on bee behaviours. Special attention is paid to the sky conditions while interfering with the hives.

Checking the energy lines to position the combs of the Sun Hive

-Geobiology and bio-energy

Some places are more or less suitable to the bee needs, in terms of polarity, vitality and other energy datas. We scan the land in order to place the hives in the most beneficial spots, oriented following Earth energy lines.


Honey harvest is not a primary goal, nevertheless, when the bees are healthy and thriving without dependency of any treatment, they might be willing to offer some honey!


Music at the hive

Art is a window of the soul. Artists bring the invisible to the visible world. Bees can feel when humans are in connection with their soul. They enjoy the field emanated by music, sound, dance, painting… And of course reversely, being in the field of the hive increases artistic abilities!


-Hive meditation

The hive aura is a beautiful place to meditate. The constant humming of the hive is emitting frequencies that helps us to drift into low brain wave frequencies, calming the mind and opening wider spheres of consciousness.

-Shamanic approach to the Bee Deva

The Bee Deva (collective soul of the bees) is a carrier of wisdom, known for millennia in many traditions all over the world. Shamanic journeys with the drum or other instruments invite us to merge with the hive and her wisdom, bringing new understandings of the functioning of the universe and insights regarding our life questions.


A beehive is a whole universe, a library of knowledge. Bees can be incredible teachers in understanding cosmometry (sacred geometry), and the mysteries of Nature cycles.

Bee-ings of light

-The unified field

Bees are constantly reminding us that we are part of undivided wholeness in flowing motion. Being in contact with the bees increase psychic abilities to perceive the world in its holographic fractal structure.


-Human healing

Being in the presence of the bees, in their field, is highly beneficial to support our healing journey.

Bees produce powerful medicines that we process and sublime.

Bee bath on the bee bed

-Bee healing

Our way to support the bees in their own healing process is mainly through enhancing the environment in which they live, and creating hives adapted to their needs. See here our experiment with the symbiotic floor.

-Earth healing

The presence of the bees on a land brings a great support for its regeneration. Bees are caretakers of the etheric field of the earth. By their presence and processes in the hive and on the flowers, they revitalise the ethers and participate in maintaining the “pump” of the flow of life.


There is an incredible momentum of curiosity towards the bee all over the world. And certain colonies are as well very curious to get to know the human beings in another context than the exploitation system.

We regularly open the doors of our “bee-craft” to children and adults who want to experience a sensory approach to the hive.

We have developed pedagogic hives and tools, that allow deep contact with the bee world through sounds, smell, observation and touch without risk for humans neither disturbance for the bees.


Bees are a deep source of inspiration for social behaviours.

The functioning of the network and the bee-grid are based on principles taught by the bees.

Bee whisper…