Set a BeeFriendly Hive on your land

The presence of the honeybees is a great gift for a land and all its inhabitants. Bees pollinate the flowers, enliven the ethers, and heal the wounds of the earth.

Our team is happy to share its expertise to support you to set a hive on your land. We don’t currently sell bees, but we can support you to set the hive to attract and welcome a swarm. Many swarms are traveling and searching for new places to thrive and it is very common that they chose to settle by themselves in empty hives specially prepared.

We currently offer two types of hives, each one having different features and purpose.

The Companion Hive

Sound immersion with stethoscopes at the back of the Top Bar hive

Some bee colonies love to be in contact with human beings. They like to share their joy, to feel our heartfelt presence, and to whisper their wisdom in our ears. And if the colony is thriving, she may also happily offer some honey or other bee gifts.

The companion-hive is a hive type “Top-Bar”, designed in a way that invites the development of an intimate relationship with the colony. The hive is featured with an observation window and listening holes in the back, offering an easy and safe way to enjoy the gifts of the bees. Using a stethoscope, you are invited to take a bee sound bath… and relax…

Opening the window of the Companion hive

The Log Hive

The log hive design mimics the natural nest of honeybees in hollow trees. Compared to thin-walled beehives, the better insulation reduces stress and energy consumption, maintaining warmth during winter and helping to prevent overheating in summer. The log hive is mounted on legs, corresponding to the general inclination for bees to chose high cavities and allowing opening from underneath.

Phil, BeeLover and log hive builder in Serra da Estrela, Central Portugal

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