Swarm collection

Every spring, most of the colonies who are naturally cared for are swarming. Natural swarming is a joyful and healthy event for the bees: it revitalises the energy field of the colonies and the fertility of the queens.

When you install a new hive and want to welcome bees in it, there are different ways to proceed. If you are lucky, it can happen that the bees settle by themselves (there are ways to prepare the empty hives with special scents and intentions to make them attractive). Nevertheless, we observe that the bee swarms often like to chose places that “already smell bees”, so if your hive is new, it might be useful to collect a swarm and “inhive” it.

These 3 short videos show different ways to collect natural swarms and transfer them in a Top Bar hive:

Here, the swarm is collected on a tree:

Here, the swarm settles in a “swarm-attractor”, an old square box equipped with top bars, and is transferred some weeks later in the Top Bar Hive:

And here, the swarm already had settled in the wall of a barn, where it could not stay. The video shows how to collect and relocate it: