Wisdom Revealers

Since 2017, our research group, members of the BeeWisdom network, has been gathering regularly in Portugal (Alentejo) to make and test several “bee preparations” that we call Wisdom Revealers. The protocol to make the Wisdom Revealers is inspired, amongst others, by the one developed by Witold Ehrler, german homeopath, author, and pioneer of the “C4 homeopathy” research.

Making the Wisdom Revealersis a ceremony by itself. It consists in processing an element during several hours so that its qualities are extracted, sublimed¹, and transferred into a liquid medium, in different dilution levels. After the ceremony – which usually lasts around one day and a half – the participants are invited to intake theWisdom Revealerand to share their experience in regular meetings during the following months. Up to now our group have realised the Wax, Propolis, Pollen, Venom, Maiden, Queen bee, and Drone Wisdom Revealers. Each of them has accompanied us in a very specific way, and revealed a vast amount of insights.

Wisdom Revealershave a far-reaching resonance. One single intake can have an effect over several weeks, months, or more. Like in homeopathy, the final preparation does not contain anymore molecule of the primary element. It contains itsinformation, that has been opened and magnified by the dilution process. 

Sustainable healing is self-healing. For healing to last, one has to involve himself in his/her own healing process, and to believe in his/her capacity to heal. Wisdom Revealersguide and support the person on this path, they recall his/her own ability to cure him/herself. 

Wisdom Revealers don’t treat symptoms. The symptoms are used as ‘sign marks’ to point out the old patterns and structures that are ready to be dissolved and transformed into something new, into creativity and sovereignty. They open pathways to the roots of diseases or other difficulties of life, they lead to the origin of the disequilibrium, and invite to reflect and act on it.

Healing and learning are intimately weaving our life path. Wisdom Revealers are profound teachers. They channel wisdom to our consciousness, related to the qualities of the element that they are made from. Wax Revealerteaches about how to combine structure and flexibility,Propolisspeaks about trust and balance in relationship, andDroneinvites desidentification, ease and flow in our life. 


Wisdom Revealersare created in two phases of dilution: TRITURATIONand POTENTISATION. 

The TRITURATION consists in grinding theelement(i.e. Wax, Propolis, Drone…) with a neutral medium, in a mortar with a pestle. The trituration is an alchemistic process during which feminine and masculine forces come together to extract and sublime the devic forces²of the element. The mortar is a womb, a feminine chalice, in which the masculine forces, channeled by the pestle, are stirring and unfolding the new creation. This sacred union gives birth to theRevealer.

The repetitive, rhythmic stirring motion of the pestle in the mortar opens a series of portals that allows the experimenters to enter in resonance with the different layers of the element. Like in a drum journey, the veils between the dimensions get thinner and wisdom reveals itself.

The Revealers can be brought up to the 8thlevel. Here are the correspondences of each trituration level (the letter T stands for “Trituration level”):

  • T0- Primary substance
  • T1 – Physiological Level
  • T2 – Astral Level (sensations, feelings, emotions…)
  • T3 – Mental Level (mental understanding, delusions, judgments…)
  • T4 – Soul Level (inspiration, co-creation, destiny, synchronicities…)
  • T5 – Collective Level (groups, communities, humanity, karma, history…)
  • T6 – Planetary Level (the Global Level of Gaïa and all its inhabitants)
  • T7 – Level of Divinities (Gods and goddesses, ascended masters, angels…)
  • T8 – Divine Level

Each successive step of trituration shows different qualities of the element. It is a journey through its different layers, from physical to spiritual. Up to now in our research group, we brought all theRevealersto the Planetary Level (T6).

The trituration ceremony can be experienced in many different ways: one can live or be shown the symptoms that theRevealerhelps to transform, receive information about its qualities and properties, and/or receive insights about his/her own healing and learning path. 

The second dilution phase is the POTENTISATION.It consists in increasing the potency of the remedy by striking it, using water as a medium.It can be started from any trituration level (T1 to T8). This action prints and seals the information carried by the Revealers. The devic forces are empowering themselves in the Revealer, giving it more strength, over time and space.

Their properties and effects are different depending on the potentisation level. In our research group we potentised all our Revealersup to the levels P42 and P222 (or 231 in some cases). This processlasts more or less two hours. Few of them were later on brought toP1212 (the letter P stands for “Potentisation level”).

  • P42 – soft and more short term effect
  • P222 (or 231) – stronger, deeper and longer term effect
  • P1212 – long timespan effect (we don’t have yet a lot of experience with this potency)


  • Collection of the element to be processed

The element is collected “in contact” with its Deva. Harvesting the element is often accompanied by a ritual or a prayer.

For example, for the Wax revealer, we came to one of our hives, explained what we intent to do with a prayer and asked for “blessing” from the Bee Deva to receive a piece of wax. When feeling that the Bee Deva was ‘opening the field’, we collected a tiny piece of white wax from a freshly built comb. For the Droneand the QueenRevealers, their bodies were found freshly dead in the hives. Finding them, we instantly knew that the Bee Deva had offered them to the process.

  • Material for the trituration

-A mortar

The bigger is the mortar, the more the movement can infuse the whole body centred in the hara³.Minimal recommended size: 17cm.

-A pestle

-A scraper

-Neutral medium in powder: most commonly milk sugar (also called lactose, Saccharum lactum or Saccharum lactis).

-A “bin bowl”

-A timer

-Paper or notebook to write down impressions

  • Preparation of the primary substance (T0)

The element, as fresh as possible, is trituratedin the mortar with the milk sugar. This powder is named “neutral” because it does not carry any archetypal attribute. The element is stirred until it is totally decomposed and dry. The powder obtained is called ‘T0’. This step can be perform before or at the beginning of the ceremony.

  • Trituration ceremony

-The participants sit in a circle, in a clear and clean space. The ceremony starts with an opening prayer, allowing the participants to connect with themselves and with the group, and inviting the Devas in the space.

-Round 1: 

  • The first person dilutes a pinch of ‘T0’ powder in a 2g of milk sugar, and triturates for 6 minutes. The amount of milk powder doesn’t need to be so precise, 2g corresponds to more or less half a tea spoon;
  • Person 1 scrapes the powder in the mortar and passes it to the next person in the circle. For groups bigger than 6 people, several mortars may be used.
  • While one is stirring, the others are connecting within and invited to write down their impressions. 
  • Every second set of 6 minutes, the mortar is scraped, emptied and refilled with 2g of milk sugar. The information is carried on by the small amount of powder that stays in the pores of the mortar.
  • After the 6thset of 6 minutes, the powder obtained, called “T1”, is collected and preserved in a sachet or vial.

-Round 2: the process is repeated to bring the Revealerto “T2”. 

-This process can be continued until the T8 level. Each round of trituration lasts more or less 50 minutes. In our research group, we usually triturate the element from T0 to T6 in one day (morning session: T0 to T2+sharing, afternoon: T3 and T4 + sharing, evening: T5 and T6).

  • Material for the potentisation

-Amber glass vials (10/15ml)

-Water, the most fresh and vital possible

-Pipettesto fill the vials

-Thumb gloves

-Quality alcohol (medronho, brandy, aguardiente, vodka…)

-A counter (you can download a click counter app if you have a smartphone)

-A ‘bin bowl’

  • Potentisation

-A pinch of the chosen starting powder (from T1 to T8) is dissolved with water in a glass vial to the third.

-Strike 6 succussions (shake on the palm of the hand or on a leather or hard felt surface)

-Empty the content in the ‘bin bowl’

-Refill with water to the third

-Repeat until you reach the potentisation level desired minus 2 (for a P42, stop at P40)

-Transfer into a new vial

-Strike 6 succussions

-Empty the content in the ‘bin bowl’

-Fill to ¾ with alcohol

-Strike 6 succussions: the Revealeris ready to be labeled and used.

-For further potentisation, use the empty vial and go on.

  • Globules

-Put some empty homeopathic globules in a glass dish

-Wet the globules with few drops of the Revealer liquid

-Absorb the excess with absorbing paper

-Let dry, being careful that the globules don’t stick together

-Store and label

  • Preservation
The treasure suitcase…

-Away from direct sun light (in tinted vials)and excess of heat

-Away from wireless radiations (mobile phones, Wifi)

-If you want to travel by plane with the Revealer, place it in a sheet of metal (aluminium for example), it will protect it from electro-magnetic radiations.


Wisdom Revealers can be used both on individual level and on collective level. 

  • For personal use

-Awaken the Revealerby shaking it and calling itsDeva.

-Dilute 2/3 drops or globules in a small amount of water in a glass. The amount of drops or globules to take is not so important, the information is there anyway, whether you add one or ten.

-Stir with a non-metallic spoon or stick

-“Blow” a prayer, an intention or a question into the brew.

-Drink. You can keep it for a moment in your mouth and take time to let it sink.

-Avoid drinking anything else for 20 minutes and eating for 1/2 hour.

-Check your intuition, your practitioner or your research group to define the potencies and the frequency of takings. 

-In the days following the intake, it can happen that some symptoms increase. This is called “aggravation” in homeopathy or “healing crisis”, it as part of the healing process.

  • For collective use and global use (T5, T6 and more)

TheRevealercan be applied in specific places to supportto facilitate group processes, to dissolve family conflicts, to heal ancestry lines, and to regenerate damaged lands.

¹To sublime: to magnify, to pass to a next level of evolution

² The Devic forces are the qualities of the Deva of the element

³ The hara is the gravity centre of the body, located in the lower belly.

For more information about the C4 homeopathy research:

The trituration Handbook, into the heart of homeopathy, Anneke Hogeland & Judy Schriebman, 2008, HomeopathyWest.

-Article of Alize Timmerman, from the Hahnemann Institute of the Netherlands:www.hahnemanninstituut.nl/1/92/introduction-c4