The BeeExplorers

BeeWisdom is a network interconnecting the BeeExplorers, who are willing to explore the wonders of the bees and to offer them safe places to thrive. Born in 2017 in Portugal, the BeeWisdom network is now growing all over Gaia. BeeWisdom is co-created by its members, the BeeExplorers.

Everybody who agrees with our basic principles is welcome to join, whether you are directly caring for bees or not. If you want to come on board, please send back this form to

Here is the current list of BeeExplorers, the lands they are stewarding and their projects and organisations:

PORTUGAL – Alentejo:

  • Vale Bacias, Colos – The living and experimenting place of Annelieke, co-founder of BeeWisdom.
  • Tamera, Reliquias – Healing Biotope I, a community of around 180 people, a futuristic centre that researches and models a new planetary culture.
  • Vale do Fojo, Reliquias.
  • Monte Bem-vindo, Colos.
  • Monte da Paz, Colos.
  • Vale da Lua, Colos.
  • Flor de Gaia, São Luis.
  • 108 community, Colos.
  • Arrabacinha, Colos.
  • Carvalhal, São Luis.

PORTUGAL – Beira Alta:

  • Quinta Kosma, Algodres: the living and experimenting place of Sandira, co-founder of BeeWisdom, on the foothills of the Serra da Estrela (the Star mountains).
  • Rewilding our Planet – Quinta das Abelhas, Algodres: a project dedicated to land regeneration and building thriving honey bee habitats.
  • Quinta da Pomba, Vale da Alagoa, Algodres.
  • Awakened Forest Project, Benfeita: a passionate response to the devastating consequences of pine and eucalyptus monoculture in the beautiful hillsides of Central Portugal
  • Gravito, Pedrógão Grande: a retreat centre, an off-grid hamlet in the hills of Pedrógão Grande and a non-profit organisation working for the development of consciousness and the protection of natural heritage.
  • A Abelha Azul, Mangualde: Harald Hafner has long-term experience in caring for bees and gives regular workshops in biodynamic beekeeping.

International organisations:

  • Bee Time: an art and research collective creating contexts where people can exchange knowledge and practices relating to natural beekeeping.

Other projects:

  • Belinda Bluebell, Uk –
  • Le jardin des Petites Ruches, Céline Locqueville, Le Val d’Ocre, France – : “The garden of tiny hives” researches new ways to raise bees; not to make the most profit, but to offer a comfortable home to bee colonies in a flowery environment, so that they can thrive and live autonomously…
  • Linnea Rowlatt, Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada