BeeShip with Sandira Belia

Did you ever hear a bee call, humming in the depth of your cells, coming from ineffable dimensions within, singing in her vibratory language throughout your being?… Then maybe the BeeShip is for you.

The BeeShip (contraction of “Bee Apprenticeship”) is a collective adventure, where our team sail on a common ship, weaving between the practical, artistic, scientific and spiritual worlds of the Bee. During three and a half months in spring or six weeks in autumn, we are going to explore many different facets of the bee realm, using all kinds of tools and approaches. We are going to develop an intimacy with the Bee Deva and other nature spirits, to learn about practical and energy work with the bees, to strengthen and unfold our authentic self and to deepen our connection to the Universe.

Awaken your subtle perception

I will be there to guide the journey and co-hold the spaces, but you shall know that I am a student of Life as much as you are, so it will be our collective intelligence who will be the ultimate captain of our ship!

Here are some basic guidelines about content, schedules and possible energy exchanges, keeping in mind that nothing is strictly fixed, the bee-ship is a living being, in constant evolution…

Pre-requisites to attend the BeeShip

-No previous experience with bees is necessary.

-When possible, it is appreciated that you have attended a workshop with me before.

-You must know and understand that the BeeShip is an intense journey that requires inner and outer space:

  • “Outer space” means that, during these weeks, the BeeShip will ask a lot of your attention, during the bee-times as well as in between. I ask for commitment to be fully present all along. Don’t plan too many other things in parallel. The BeeShip should be “the priority” during this period. New BeeShippers are requested to miss no more than one BeeModule.
  • “Inner space” means that you will receive a lot of information to process, integrate and store within you. You will also require a readiness to be confronted with unknown parts of yourself. The Bee Deva is a teacher and a healer. To work daily in her contact may bring up issues that can be challenging. We will work through these processes collectively and yet keep in mind that you are ultimately responsible for your own process.

-Even though we will train to connect to the bees in a soft and careful way… bees can still sting! I ask you to agree and sign the Waiver of Liability expressing that you take full responsibility for your life and choices, whatever happens during our time together.

-Recommended books to read before we start: “The Song of Increase” by Jacqueline Freeman and “The Shamanic Way of the Bee” by Simon Buxton.

The bees feel the radiations of the heart

Next BeeShip

-The 2020 Spring BeeShip ended in June.

-There will be no Autumn BeeShip in 2020.

Basic schedule for the BeeModules

The format of the programme is based on two and a half days per week.

from 9h30 to 12h30
(flexible hours)



from 15h to 17h
(flexible hours)




Note: Working organically with nature beings does not make it easy to fix a clear time schedule. Many factors (for example weather, moon position, the bee moods, our moods, swarms…) can interfere and modify this structure, so… let’s be flexible.

Bee harvesting pollen on corn flowers


  • Deva days

-Connection with the bee devas: meditations, soul journeys, drum journeys…

-Theory and common research about the bees in their physical and spiritual forms, their role in the Universe, and about the moon and nature cycles…

-Workshops with the hive devas: making candles, bee creams, incense…

-Creative spaces: dancing, singing, painting, dreaming…

-Sharing circles

  • Practical days

-In the workshop: building hives, cleaning hives, preparing swarm attractors…

-With the bees: hive visits, swarm reception, hive transfers…

-With the land: weeding, clearing, planting, watering, creating sacred spaces…

-With the hive gifts (propolis, wax, honey, pollen): gathering and processing, in contact with the hive devas…

Energy exchange

The energy exchange is on a donation basis.

My estimation of the value of this work is €2400 for the Spring BeeShip and €1200 for the Autumn BeeShip.

I am open to discussions about different ways to give/receive this “energy”: for example money, workshops, proofreading, translation, web design, or other work related to the project…

Montado, typical landscape of Alentejo, Portugal