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Registration as a Repeater

You have already connected your Focal Point and want to strengthen the connection, or something has changed.

Focal Point Caretaker Update

If so, please fill in the relevant fields below and leave unchanged fields blank. Click the "Update and Register" button at the end of the form once you are done.

Focal Point Location Update

If it is easy for you, please give the longitude and latitude of your Focal Point. You can also paste a location pin in the free text field at the bottom of this registration form.

Changes in information presented on the Focal Points and Caretakers page

New pictures to publish

Consent to publish your information on the BeeWisdom website

Suggestion: your first name. You can add other names if you are taking care for the same Focal Point together.
I wish that my personal picture is displayed on the Focal Points & Caretakers page:
I wish my introduction, project name and link (if relevant) to appear on the Focal Points & Caretakers page:

Is there anything else you would like to share or ask?

Invitation to Support Us

Our BeeGrid offerings are fundraiser events for our ongoing projects. We ask that you consider supporting us with a suggestion of 10 to 40€.

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