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Sandira Belia/ November 12, 2021/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

The original French book of Sandira Belia – La Déva des abeilles – is finally out in English!
Published by Northern Bee Books, it is available on most online bookshops.
You can order it directly here with free delivery worldwide.

 This book is not only addressed to beekeepers, far from it. It is accessible to the wider audience and may be read at different levels of depth.
 The passages sharing personal experiences are easy to read and bring the reader into my universe, drawing in lovers of the novel, biography, and living stories. The most technical passages will please environmentalists and naturalists, and the ‘Voice of the Bee’ sections will resonate with seekers of truth, interested in the awakening of consciousness and emerging sciences such as quantum mechanics. The paintings and illustrations are eye-catching for those sensitive to the visual arts.
 Over the course of the book, the reader becomes immersed in the intimacy of the hive in a completely unaccustomed manner, one which goes far beyond the widely-repeated technical or environmental approaches of the apicultural literature. The Bee Deva understands the working of our planet from an energetic perspective which cannot be explained only through the intellect.
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