Deva Dynamic Drawings

The devas are the energetic intelligences that create forms. Every mineral, plant and animal is born from a deva. The resultant forms emanate the vibrations of the devas that created them.

The Dynamic Drawing, “Deva of the Bees”, was created in collaboration with the Bee Deva, by absorbing its attributes and following the proportions of sacred geometry. As a result, the drawing is imbued with a strong healing power that harmonises and vitalises the objects and substances that come into contact with it.

These drawings are gifts from the Universe, therefore they are free of rights. You are welcome to copy and spread them, but please do so with awareness and respect, in service to the whole. Thank you.

Deva of the Bees

« Ô beautiful bee, dear friend of my soul,
You, who cherish the earth,
Blessing the flowers with your every caress,
You, who bring wisdom in the arabesques of your dance,
You, who midwife the fruits, murmuring subtle secrets of life,
You, who distill the nectar into honey, perfumed by the sun,
Thank you for your presence, your grace and your abundance,
Thank you for our shared path, bringer of love and hope,
Bless you, beautiful bee. »

Sandira Belia
Deva of the Bees, acrylic on wood board (50x56cm), Sandira Belia, winter 2015-16.

How to use the Dynamic Drawing

Print the mandala or order a laminated copy hand-signed by the artist.

Place a jar of honey on top of the Dynamic Drawing for a minimum of one hour. Through the vibrations that the mandala emanates, the honey will be connected with a field of trustful and respectful cooperation between bees and humans. The wave-forms of the Dynamic Drawing enhance the vibratory qualities of the honey, its healing potential, as well as its taste and smell.

The Dynamic Drawing can also be used to vitalise fruits, foods and beverages in the same way, or as a meditation support.

How to choose honey

If you consume honey, it is very important to look closely at the way it has been produced. Don’t hesitate to put a few more euros towards a jar of honey of better quality, as a responsible act of respect to the bees and the whole planet.

The honey should be raw and collected from wild flowers or organic agriculture.

The hives should not be chemically treated. As much as you can, buy regional honey, to reduce ecological footprint and to connect with the local flora.

Other recommendations

-Store the honey away from direct sunlight, but not in the fridge.

-Avoid the use of use metallic utensils as it negatively affects the quality of the honey.

-If the jar has a bar-code, take it off.

-Consume honey with awareness and gratitude for the work of the bee.

Each drop of honey represents the equivalent of one full day of work for a bee.

Devas of the Waters

“Ô Devas of the waters, 
I greet you
From the springs to the seas,
You transport my soul,
Where undines and faeries,
Are calling me home,
I thank you for your powers,
Your strength and softness,
I thank you for your songs,
Your dances and whispers…
Ô Great Water, elixir of Life,
I greet you”

Sandira Belia
Devas of the waters, acrylic on wood board (50x56cm), Sandira Belia, winter 2015-16.

The Water Devas are one of the most powerful information carriers on the planet. When water is exposed to an information field emanating fundamental values such as love, joy and connectedness, it stores it and radiates it in turn.

It is essential to take care of the quality of the water that we ingest through foods and beverages. As they come close to the Dynamic Drawing, the water molecules enter into resonance with the devic substance and the wave-forms diffused by the mandala. Foods and liquids are reconnected to the large cycle of water at a planetary and cosmic level. Their vitality is reinforced, as well as their taste and smell. Their vibratory qualities and healing potentials are improved.

How to use the Dynamic Drawing

Print the mandala or order a laminated copy hand-signed by the artist.

Place your water bottle, fruits or other foods on top of the drawing. A minimum of one hour of contact is recommended.

The longer they stay in contact, the stronger is the effect.

You can also stick the drawing onto your water bottle.

To energise larger amounts of water (over 10 litres), you can use multiple copies of the drawing or enlarge it with a scanner, which will enhance its potency.

The drawing will appreciate being cleaned with water regularly.