Network Principles

All BeeExplorers of the BeeWisdom network agree on the following principles:

  1. Bees are sacred beings like us. They don’t belong to anyone. They have their unique role in collaboration with all other members of the Earth-community, in service to the whole.
  2. Bees are carriers of wisdom. When we open our antennae, we can learn from them about nature’s mysteries, healing processes, and ourselves…
  3. Bees are allies of co-creation. We can combine our respective qualities to co-create the planetary garden.
  4. Trust, respect and synergetic exchange. Humans and bees have many gifts to offer each other, when they are in their power. We are more interested in exploring this synergy than into mere honey harvest. We may consider receiving honey and other hive gifts when the bees are thriving and producing more than their own needs require.
  5. Bees and humans support each other in regaining inner power and health. We acknowledge that bee health and human health are a mirror of the health condition of Earth. We are interested in developing practices that strengthen the shine of bees and humans in their ‘bee-ing’ (for example treatment-free bee care, natural swarming, creating biodiverse environments…).

If you are a BeeLover,
if you feel a humming resonance within,
if you love to explore the wonders of nature and wish the bee to be your guide,
if you want to raise awareness in your daily life to support the bees and the Earth,
if you long to develop your qualities of subtle perception,
if you want to participate in co-creation…