Procedure to Create your Local BeeGrid

Anyone can create a BeeGrid locally to interconnect their hives.

When your BeeGrid is created, simply contact us to have it connected to the BeeWisdom global BeeGrid.

1.Define the focal point

The focal point is a ‘power place’ that will be the energy centre of your local BeeGrid.

You can chose a focal point that already exists or you create one yourself:

  • Using a pre-existing power place

Choose a place that emanates a particular energy, such as a stone, a menhir, a large tree, a cave…

The point must be fairly precise, and not exceed a few square meters of surface area.

The place can be public or private, if the owner gives their consent.

Ideally, the focal point is located around the geographic centre of the area covered by the bee colonies to be connected, but this is not essential. It should, however, not be too far removed.

  • Creating a new power place

Choose an outdoor location that radiates positively, away from disturbances.

Choose an object to place on the spot, that can stay there (for example a stone, a crystal, a sculpture, a statue…). If it is a crystal, be sure it has been purified and is not loaded with negative energy.

Note that the focal point should not be located on a living beehive.

2.Connection to the Guardian of the place (sometimes called genius loci)
Greet the guardian of the place (out loud or mentally) and ask them to stand in front of you.
Present your intention to create a focal point in this place to interconnect bee colonies, and ask for their blessing. Trust your intuition.

3.Programming the focal point
There are different ways to anchor a programming. The most important thing is to believe in it, and to be as present as possible.

  • The method suggested here uses a physical support to anchor the programming, a dynamic drawing.
    The use of a drawing is not essential but I find it helpful to focus my intention.
  • You can decide to not use a drawing, and anchor your programming directly to the stone, crystal or other object chosen in your power place.
  • If you choose to use a drawing, print the picture below (the size doesn’t matter), and laminate it to preserve it from ageing.
  • Use incense or an instrument (like a singing bowl) to clear the place of any energy that is not in service for the process to come, and to centre yourself.
  • Place the dynamic drawing, facing up, in the place of power that will become your focal point.
    It will remain in place and become the anchor of the programming.You may place the drawing under a stone or object to hold it in place.
  • Call the Bee Deva and ask her to stand on the dynamic drawing.
  • Program the drawing (or the object) by saying the following phrase out loud (or another phrase to your liking) three times:

I program this drawing (or object) as an anchor of the focal point of my BeeGrid.

May this programming remain enabled as long as this drawing (or object) is in this place.”

  • Visualize or feel the energy field of the developing focal point, in the form of a torus (as in the drawing below for example).
  • Connect mentally with each of the colonies you want to connect to the BeeGrid and say out loud, for each of them:

«I connect this colony to the BeeGrid» (If the colony has a name, tell her name).

  • Visualize or feel a link of light forming from the focal point to the heart of the colony.

Some may feel (or hear) a “click” when the link is created.

It is possible to connect several colonies of the same apiary at the same time.

  • Visualize or feel the energy field of the focal point encompassing all the colonies you have connected.
  • That’s it, your BeeGrid is created!
  • You can add new colonies to your BeeGrid at any time.

4.Connection to the global BeeGrid

To connect your BeeGrid to the global BeeWisdom BeeGrid, contact us at, we will schedule a time to do it together.

Thank you for being part of weaving the field of a thriving international bee community!!