What are the BeeGrids

The BeeGrids are regional networks of bee colonies that are energetically interconnected. All the BeeExplorers of the BeeWisdom network who care for bees can connect their hives to a BeeGrid.

In the centre of each BeeGrid, there is a focal point (like a stone or other power place) to which all the bee colonies are linked by a programming.

Each colony is surrounded by an energy field, called morphic field. It is this morphic field that is anchored to the focal point in order to connect a colony to the BeeGrid.

All the focal points are interconnected, creating a planetary network of BeeGrids.

There are diverse reasons to connect your bees to a BeeGrid:

-Increasing the strength of the colonies

A BeeGrid is a field, a community. When we humans interconnect through networks and communities, we feel stronger, we feel bigger, we feel part of a larger whole. The same thing applies to the bees.

-Mutual support and energy balance

If an area or a certain colony becomes weak for whatever reason, we assume that the interconnected BeeGrids can transfer and regulate the energy flows to help restore the area or colony to good health.

-Increasing morphic resonance

The Universe is a vast field of information, which circulates through the morphic fields. Morphic resonance is the ability of information to flow from one place to another without direct contact.

The links that connect the colonies are pathways for information to travel along.

Therefore, when some colonies develop new behaviours to face challenges (like Varroa for example), this information propagates through the interconnected BeeGrids and can be downloaded by all the linked colonies.

-A power station for the BeeExplorers

As a BeeExplorer, when we connect with a BeeGrid we can increase our abilities to receive information and benefit from its regenerative energy.