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We create contexts in which bees and humans can get to know each other with curiosity and mutual respect. Our offerings are invitations for participants to open their hearts and senses to the world of the bees, reconnecting with the great universal hive of which we are all a part.

We occasionally offer activities for children and adults who want to experience a sensory approach to the hive, in Alentejo, Portugal.

We have developed pedagogic hives and tools, which allow deep contact with the bee world through sounds, smell, observation and touch, without any risk to humans or disturbance for the bees.

We are currently not offering workshops or internships. We are deepening our own relationship with the bees, setting up our rewilding research initiative and creating new learning materials.

In Alentejo

Some impressions of our educational offerings


Are you a gifted photographer/video maker and touched by our work? We are creating an online course for which we are developing audiovisual materials. We would love to get in touch to discover if a mutually nourishing exchange is possible.


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