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About Us

Synergetic Network of BeeLovers

The BeeWisdom Network

is a meeting space for inspiring and supporting bee companions on their journeys co-creating a world that embodies more love and beauty.

The Team

Sandira Belia

Born to a beekeeper mother in Brittany, I was immersed in the song of the bees from childhood. Unconventional by nature, I have spent many years travelling, encountering extreme cultures and landscapes. These peregrinations led me to develop subtle modes of communication with different types of consciousnesses such as the Devas and other guardians of the Earth.

Since my arrival in Portugal, I have lived for 5 years in the community of Tamera (Healing Biotope and Peace Research Centre) where my journey with the bees started, and then 5 years with my friend and colleague Annelieke in the same area, where the BeeWisdom network was born.

Now I am anchored in central Portugal, where I am about to welcome bees again.

My first book was published in French in 2020 by Le Souffle d’Or, and in English in 2021 by Northern Bee Books. Amply illustrated with my paintings and drawings, the book is called The Deva of the Bees, and it touches the hearts of thousands of readers around the world.

Sandira Belia

Annelieke van der Sluijs

In 2009, I invited a beekeeper to bring bees to our community garden in Coimbra, Central Portugal. The bees filled the air with “something” that made my heart sing and enlivened the space. My fascination for this “something” brought me to Alentejo, where my first BeeShip with Sandira, in 2017, naturally evolved into a collaboration and a living together with the bees.

I take care of bees in the Vale da Gema watershed in Alentejo, plant and sow forest habitat, and thrive as a “weaver” in the BeeWisdom network, endlessly inspired by the artful communion of bees as a colony and with the landscape.

Annelieke van der Sluijs

Ulrike Krampen

I was born in Germany, and I have lived in Portugal for 40 years. I have been dedicating my life to the research and practice of different healing methods, and how we can support each other in this endeavour.

About 10 years ago I met my dear friend and teacher Sandira. When she invited me for the first time in my life to have very close contact with the bees, my deep love and respect for the bees started.

I joined BeeWisdom, and together we explored the healing and spiritual properties of the fruits of the hive. We started the creation of the Wisdom Revealers through triturations, dilutions, and potentisation of the bee substances.

Today, I hold bee venom ceremonies within our research group and occasionally organise triturations. May this website connect us, BeeLovers, to create a world of love, care and mutual support.

Ulrike Krampen

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