BeeWisdom is weaving bridges between bees and humans in many different ways:

  • The last BeeGrid connection ceremony was mid December: More dates to come soon!
  • Annelieke is open to taking on longer term apprenticeships. If you have your own bee practice and are looking for inspiration and deepening of your relationship with bees then let us discover how short periods of intense immersion into BeeWorld and BeeTime with me in Alentejo can be a complement to your own journey with the bees. If you have resonance please send an Email with your thoughts.

Listen to podcasts of past events:

Sandira visited France in August 2022, for the first time since her book “La Déva des Abeilles: Les enseignements de la ruche” (Bee Wisdom, Teachings of the Hive) was published in French. During the event Sacrées Abeilles, a late book launch was celebrated.