The book “Bee Wisdom : Teachings from the hive”

from Sandira Belia is now available in English!

Translated by Linnéa Rowlatt, PhD

Preface by Jacqueline Freeman, author of “Song of Increase”

Published by Northern Bee Books

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The bee recalls us to our Soul. One wing in the wild world and one in the domestic, she offers herself as a creator of relationships, a guide and a teacher of the complex and intriguing mysteries of the Universe. The bee is a companion, a counselor, an ally. She unites the personal and the universal.

Throughout our history, numerous traditions consider the bee a messenger of the Gods, recognising her characteristics as a mediator and carrier of information between worlds. Engraved on tombs, she has long been honoured as a companion of souls during their passage from life to death, and, invoked during birth, from death towards life as well.

For a long time, the bee has been enveloped in a cloak of beliefs accepted as established truth without having been truly understood. Only a few contemplative philosophers studied her teachings, along with certain lodges confined within Mystery Schools. Today, the time is ripe for this knowledge to be revealed to a larger and more varied body of truth seekers eager for learning and wisdom.

The bee knows and she awaits us.

Translation and preface

The text has been translated by Linnéa Rowlatt, PhD, who is a French-English bilingual Canadian. Linnéa attended one of my workshops a few years ago; she has a beautiful resonance with the Deva of the bees and was naturally able to retransmit the soul of the text with skillfulness and elegance. 

The preface is written by Jacqueline Freeman, author of the excellent and well-known book, Song of Increase. You can find more details about her amazing research on her site She is currently co-authoring a new book together with Susan Knilans, called What Bees Want, check their website, it is full of insights!

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