“Bee Wisdom : Teachings from the hive” by Sandira Belia

Translated by Linnéa Rowlatt, PhD – Published by Northern Bee Books

Preface by Jacqueline Freeman, author of “Song of Increase”

“The bee recalls us to our Soul. One wing in the wild world and one in the domestic, she offers herself as a creator of relationships, a guide and a teacher of the complex and intriguing mysteries of the Universe. The bee is a companion, a counselor, an ally. She unites the personal and the universal.” Extract from the book


Sandira’s book is such a work of art and beauty wisdom and wonder. So exquisitely laid out… so digestible and yet profound. I love being invited in to her amazing work with bees… what a gift she has birthed in the world. I read before I sleep and the bees accompany me in my dreams…” Alison, Bee Sister, 2022.

As well as deepening my huge respect for the bees, Bee Wisdom expanded my mind enabling me to learn from the wisdom and intricate practices of another species. There’s an entire bee universe and bee philosophy that I was unaware of and bee keepers and non beekeepers alike will find great wisdom in this book. The information presented here is a gateway to how we as humans might restore interconnected relationships with the planet that are rooted in respect, reciprocity, resilience and joy. For beekeepers, there is valuable and practical information that will help you to support the hives to live with more vibrancy and health. The author’s artwork is beautiful and the way the information is presented is easy to digest and deeply thought provoking. I am recommending this book to anyone who cares about the future of our planet, climate breakdown and the bees!” Katy M., Bee Sister, 2022

A very enjoyable, informative and inspiring book. The author is so very knowledgeable with her subject and presents it in a captivating way which draws you into the realm of bees. Reading this book is like an enchanting and magical journey. Excellent.” Sothis, 2022

“Very alive and revolutionary facts, ways to bee with our fellow beeings the bees – unique wisdom, so much needed in our times. Thank you!” Barbara K., 2021

This book is a concentrate of Love, of poetry and spirituality that led me to an awareness of a different dimension of what surrounds me, whether it be bees, flowers, ecology, human. I have offered it often and every time magic happens where it arrives. Thank you Sandira for this gift to humanity.” Christiane L., 2022.


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Front cover

Translation and preface

The text has been translated by Linnéa Rowlatt, PhD, who is a French-English bilingual Canadian. Linnéa attended one of my workshops a few years ago; she has a beautiful resonance with the Deva of the bees and was naturally able to retransmit the soul of the text with skillfulness and elegance. 

The preface is written by Jacqueline Freeman, author of the excellent and well-known book, Song of Increase. You can find more details about her amazing research on her site She is currently co-authoring a new book together with Susan Knilans, called What Bees Want, check their website, it is full of insights!