Focal Points and Care takers

The BeeGrids are regional networks of bee colonies that are energetically interconnected. All the BeeExplorers of the BeeWisdom network who care for bees can connect their hives to a BeeGrid.

In the center of each BeeGrid, there is a focal point (like a stone or other power place) to which all the bee colonies are linked by a programming.

Each colony is surrounded by an energy field, called morphic field. It is this morphic field that is anchored to the focal point in order to connect a colony to the BeeGrid.

All the focal points are interconnected, creating a planetary network of BeeGrids.

The map of the different BeeGrids interconnected to this day:

Click on this link to access the map’s details.

Here is an non-exhaustive list of BeeExplorers who created their focal points and connected their colonies to the global BeeGrid. To join the grid, check the procedure on this page.

Annelieke van der Sluijs, Regional and international focal point in Tamera Peace Research Village, Alentejo, Portugal

Tif, Le Rucher de Kokopelli, Le Mas D’azil, France

Ohio Desta, Le rêve de Tao, Grugies, France

Gilles Louis, La forêt des abeilles, Kerambail, Bretagne, France

Ilaria and Paula, Monte di Malo, Vincenze, Italy

Pauline Sailly, La Combe de Lancey, France

Ange, Infinity, Cœur and Tao

Aurore, La Ciotat, France

Joris Niggemann, Fulda, Germany

Onyx Baird, Portland, USA