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How to Create a Focal Point

How to Create a Focal Point

Focal Points are like acupuncture points interconnected throughout the Earth’s body.

How to Create a Focal Point

Anyone who cares for bees with love (or is about to) can create a Focal Point and join the BeeGrid. It is also possible to connect bee colonies that live in hollow trees, wall cavities, or other cavities not originally intended as beehives.

You will find below the procedure to set your Focal Point. When it is done, you can join one of our online Connection Rituals.

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Your Focal Point will move a lot of energy, so choose its location carefully.

We recommend setting it outdoors, in a calm place where one can sit nearby. The place can be public or private, if the owners give their consent.

Place the Focal Point in the vicinity of the colonies to be connected, taking in consideration energies and landscape.

Your Focal Point will be more powerful if it is set:

  • On a natural object that already has a strong energy field, like a large stone or a big tree.
  • On a place that radiates positively on which you place an object like a crystal, a sculpture or a statue.

Define an area of 50 square cm as the centre of your Focal Point for the precision of the connection process.

Note that the Focal Point can’t be located on a living beehive.



For an energetic program to work, the most important is :

  • To trust in it
  • To respect the nature spirits of the place
  • To be as present as possible


1 – Programming needs a physical anchor to be stable and sustainable. You can anchor the program in the icon below, or in a stone or a crystal.

If you chose the icon, we recommend to paint or carve it on a weatherproof support. If you choose a crystal, be sure that it has been thoroughly cleared from any former memories.

Download Icon PDF

2 – Cleanse yourself and clear your mind. You may like to take a shower, smudge yourself or sit in silence for a moment before starting.

3 – With your mind and heart, connect with the spirit guardian of the place. Ask for permission and blessing to create an Energy Portal called “Focal Point” in this place. You can speak out loud this invocation or formulate it in your own words:

I greet the guardian of this place (or stone, or tree…).

I ask for permission and blessing to set an energy portal in this place that will support myself, the bees and the planet.

This energy portal will only ever be used in the highest service of all.

4 – Feel the answer in your body, in your heart. A “yes” may come as a voice in your mind, an expansion in your chest, or the sound of the breeze tinkling leaves around you. Breathe it in and express gratitude.

It is rare for the permission not to be granted but the guardians can say no. If the place needs healing, for example, or if it is already used for another incompatible purpose. You may receive the “no” as a tight sensation in your heart, a cross sign in your inner screen, or a voice speaking “no” in your mind’s ears. In that case, choose another place or reach out to us and we may be able to help resolve the issue at a distance.

5 – Use sage, incense or a musical instrument to clear the place of any energy that doesn’t serve or belong to this place.

6 – Programming

Speak out loud:

I program this icon (or stone, or crystal) as an anchor for this Focal Point.

This programming will remain enabled as long as this icon (or stone, or crystal) exists in this place and I am alive.

7 – Then unfold the energy portal around the Focal Point by speaking out loud:

I ask for an energy portal to unfold around this Focal Point.

Feel or visualise the energy field of the Focal Point expanding, in the shape of a torus.

8 – Stabilisation, protection and intention of the Focal Point. Speak out loud:

I connect this energy portal to the centre of the Earth and the centre of the Cosmos.

This portal is protected from any energy that doesn’t serve or belong and will only ever be used in the highest service of all.

Feel or visualise the Focal Point connecting to the inner core of Gaia and to the centre of the Universe.

Connecting Bee Colonies

Connect each colony with to the Focal Point, speaking out loud:

I connect this colony (name the colony or visualise it mentally) to this Focal Point, now.

Feel or visualise a link of light forming from the centre of the Focal Point to the heart of the colony.

Repeat for each colony.

It is possible to connect at the same time, several colonies that are close to each other.

You can add new colonies, in the same way, at any time.


Connecting Bee Colonies

Weaving the Field

Well done, your Focal Point is created!

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Thank you for weaving the field of a thriving planetary bee community!

Weaving the Field
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