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Purpose of the BeeGrid

Purpose of the BeeGrid

Purpose of the BeeGrid

Joining the BeeGrid is a powerful experience. It will benefit the bees, yourself and the planet in many ways.

Morphic Resonance

The Universe is made of a vast flow of information, which circulates through morphic fields. Morphic resonance is the ability for information to flow from one place to another without direct contact.

The energy links that connect the bee colonies, the Focal Points and the Connection hubs are pathways for information to travel along. When a colony develops new behaviours to face a challenge (like varroa for example), this information propagates through the BeeGrid and may become accessible to other linked colonies.

Colony Strength

The BeeGrid is a worldwide community. When we humans interconnect through networks and communities, we feel stronger, we feel bigger, we feel part of a larger whole. The same principle applies to the bees.

Mutual Support

If a colony becomes weak for whatever reason, we believe that the energies flowing through the interconnected Focal Points can support the activation of their self-healing power and “have their back” whilst they move on their healing journey.

Power Place

When we sit in the vicinity of a Focal Point we can benefit from its regenerative energy. Many caretakers like to meditate near their Focal Point and report an increase in their ability to receive information from the Bee Deva, nature spirits or other presences.

Raising Awareness

Focal Point caretakers are advocates for the voice of the bees, raising awareness for their needs and rights.

Focal Point caretakers are sharing the voice of the bees with the world, raising awareness for their needs and rights.

Being responsible for a Focal Point gives a powerful ground on which to anchor a vision for a sustainable future.

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