Wax Wonders

The magic which emanates from a comb of wax is enchanting… From time immemorial, the architectural talents that bees deploy to build their nests have fascinated humans. The harmonious structure of honeycomb is one of the most tangible manifestations of their intuitive knowledge of the underlying mathematics of the Universe.

A substance that is both strong and malleable, wax has extraordinarily plastic qualities. Thus, only forty grams of wax, skillfully sculpted into hexagonal cells of comb, are capable of holding two heavy kilograms of honey.

There are many possibilities of using the gifts of beeswax.

Being in relationship

Wax is created by the bees themselves. This requires a lot of energy. For each kilo of wax, the bees consume nine kilos of honey. And for these nine kilos of honey, 45 kilos of nectar were brought into the hive…
Imagine the amount of light and love energy that is concentrated in wax, imagine how precious this substance is. We use beeswax candles for very special occasions, such as ceremonies.

We invite you to get in touch with the being of the wax by making and using your own wax products.

Wax is an extraordinary information carrier. Try to use wax from untreated hives, as traces of chemicals are easily stored in the wax. And maybe you can find ways in which you can discover more about how the wax came to be. The healing power of the wax has a strong relationship with how the bees can thrive.

Beeswax rolled candles