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Back in Trees

Creating Tree cavities for Honeybees

Back in Trees
Back in Trees

Bees love trees as much as trees love bees. When a bee colony settles in a tree, the field of the colony augments the field of the tree, and vice-versa.

In Portugal, we find many oaks and olive trees which have cavities with openings that are too large for colonies to comfortably settle in.

In the first part of this video, we share a technique using cob mortar (a mixture of clay and straw) to reduce the entrance of the cavity to a suitable size.

In the second part, we show our mistakes and eventual success in bringing a swarm inside the tree cavity…

The recipe for the cob mixture is shared in the video The Cob Cortiço. Several years of sun and rain have shown us that our cob technique needs refining, to waterproof and connect with the tree. We will post an update once we have found a solution that is sustainable and weather resistant.

Thank You Or Stav for the music.

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