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The Bee Bed

A Sound Journey Laying Above the Bees

The Bee Bed
The Bee Bed

This is “la cama de abejas”, the Bee Bed. A wooden bed placed above two bee colonies. When the lid closes, the traveller finds themselves in total darkness, immersed in an experience carried by the song and vibrations of the bees.

This video was filmed during a 3-day gathering about “Rewilding the honey bee”, organised and facilitated by Jonathan Powell in La Donaira (Spain). Jonathan, from the Natural Beekeeping Trust, has been guiding a honeybee rewilding project in this vast domain since 2017.

The BeeWisdom team offered the group a series of guided sound journeys inside the Bee Bed.

Annelieke’s experience: “Once darkness surrounded me and I connected to the bees, I felt like I was floating in a womb. My whole being was attuning to the soft vibrations of the bees. I became part of the hive. All sounds happening close by – a soft touch of the wooden structure, a caring step in the dry grass – reached me with an overwhelming loudness. Flashes came to me about how bees experience sound. I could have stayed there for hours…”

A big thank you to Gabriella for the music.

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